The Stalking Horse by Ed Shockley

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About The Play

Drama.  90-110 minutes.  5-20 males, 5-20 females (includes speaking roles, as well as roles for drummers and dancers; 10-40 performers possible).  Suitable for high school and older. 

Note:  While
The Stalking Horse is set in an "Africanesque" village, it is open to performers of all ethnicities.

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Mkuu, the great hunter and village leader, is dying. Upepo, the heir apparent, uses intimidation and deception to insure that he assumes the throne and wins the village beauty. He succeeds at exiling his only rival, Maji, a hapless sheepherder who has been magically instructed in the art of hunting. Famine befalls the village as a mysterious beast begins preying upon the hunters whenever they dare venture into the bush. Finally Maji battles the monster alone and returns to compete for command of the village with a surprising result that proves the adage, “Be careful what you wish for.”

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