Middle Schoolin' It by Brian Armstrong, Allan Bates, Dan Berkowitz, Tim Bohn, Nancy Brewka-Clark, Kenyon Brown, Jonathan Dorf, Arthur M. Jolly, Nina Ki, Nina Mansfield, Keegon Schuett, Jeri Weiss, Nelson Yu and Don Zolidis

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About The Play

Anthology of 15 short plays. 8-20 minutes each. Casts range from 1-6 performers, with roles for up to 19 males and 23 females (42 performers possible, with some gender flexibility). Suitable for middle school and older.  Plays include Snakes in a Lunchbox by Arthur M. Jolly; Piglet by Brian Armstrong; My Big Adele Moment and Hi, We Thought You Were Dead by Kenyon Brown; My Little Brother by Dan Berkowitz; Three First Kisses by Tim Bohn; Erasing the Brain by Nina Mansfield; Le Goalie by Nelson Yu; Math-o-Freak by Nancy Brewka-Clark; Brace Yourself by Keegon Schuett; Ranger by Nina Ki; Confessions of a Peanut Butter Addict by Allan Bates; The UnderGroundHog Railroad by Jeri Weiss; Family Meeting by Don Zolidis, and Closeted by Jonathan Dorf

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Middle school is a time of change, filled with new people, new places and new experiences. The characters of Middle Schoolin’ It navigate friendships, battle bullies, search for that first kiss, brave braces, figure out how to survive ten minutes in a closet and much more, mixing comedy with more than their share of drama. Students and teachers alike will delight in this challenging and entertaining collection of plays, ideal for class, competition and short play festivals.

Did You Know?

Jonathan Price is the composer of the song "Hubba Hubba Hula" from Disney's animated series American Dragon: Jake Long