Produce a Play!

April 10, 2010

While we usually use the blog for educational purposes, I thought I'd take a moment to let people know about a website that we're developing: (if you go there now, you'll find a placeholder page).  At present, our coder/designer is putting together the real site, and we're close to being able to add content.

Producing a play?  Whether it's at a school or a professional theatre company, will contain comprehensive "how to" instructions, organized into categories.  For example, you might click on the Casting page, which will talk about a range of topics including Publicizing Auditions, Selecting Audition Material, Organizing Your Audition Schedule and Staffing Your Auditions, geared to the needs of a variety of audition situations.  For example, at a high school, you won't need to do a casting call in the local newspaper, but you'll want to post flyers or get something into the weekly/daily announcements.

The goal is for the site to allow someone who's never produced before to be a competent producer, while at the same time providing helpful tips and ideas to those who already have producing experience under their belts.  When will it be ready?  We hope for the site to go live in late spring, but we will roll out content gradually, so that by the fall (and the start of the school producing season), it will be fully stocked.  Stay tuned!
--Jonathan Dorf

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