Young Playwrights 101: Revised Edition

by Jonathan Dorf

About The Book

Do your students want to write plays that will actually get produced? Or are you a budding young playwright yourself? Then meet your new best friend: Young Playwrights 101 is designed to guide young writers through the playwriting process, from initial idea to submission and beyond. A complete course in a book, it's organized in easy-to-follow lessons and filled with practical exercises designed to hone young writers' skills and get them writing better plays faster. Here are just a few examples of the topics you'll find inside Young Playwrights 101:

Where Ideas Come From
Models and Tips for Building Characters
Choosing the Right "Where" and "When" for your Play
The "Question" of the Play
Three-Act and Alternate Play Structures
Using Punctuation to Write Better Dialogue
Beginning and Ending Your Play
Writing Stage Directions
Dealing with Writer's Block
Rewriting with The Writer's Web and the Troubleshooter's Checklist
Getting Produced and Published
The Playwright's Bill of Rights
A Suggested Reading List, Links to Young Playwrights Contests and much, much more...

Whether you're writing your first play, want to brush up on your skills or are looking for that missing "something" in your writing, Young Playwrights 101: Revised Edition is the jumpstart you need to write plays that make it to the stage.

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