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Anthologies & Performable Collections

Forest Paths

Performable Collection. 90 - 100 minutes. 6-45+ any gender.
Middle school and older.

Visitors to this creepy collection of troubling tales will discover lying maps and the sinister Carrion Man, unfriendly doppelgängers and visitors from the stars, not to mention the most sinister camp counselor you could ever meet...

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Full-Length Adaptations Script Bundle

Adaptation. 70 - 110 minutes. Varies by title.
Varies by title.

Twelve full-length adaptations ranging from classics to serial comics to build up your script library.

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It's History Script Bundle

Drama. 20 - 125 minutes. Varies by title.
Varies by title.

Eight plays that draw their inspiration from real historical events, ranging from the colonial period to both world wars and more.

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Shakespeare and Company Script Bundle

Genre varies by title. 30 - 120 minutes. Varies by title.
Varies by title.

Twelve "Shakespeare-adjacent" plays that range from updated takes on the Bard's classics to titles inspired by the work and lives of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

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Full-Length Plays

The Summer I Howled

Horror Comedy. 85 - 95 minutes. 6 females, 1 male, 9+ any gender (16+ performers possible).
Middle school and older.

Virginia "Woolf" is away at summer camp with friends, enemies and her crush when she finds out the hard way that while everyone changes in their teens, some changes include growing fur and claws whenever a full moon sits in the sky.

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One-Act Plays

Goddess of Tears (one-act version)

Drama. 35 - 45 minutes. 5 females, 2 males, 5+ any gender (10-15+ performers possible).
High school and older.

Niobe, the Goddess of Tears, decides to quit her job in the digital Cloud of Olympus and fights to recover her origin story, the one she blocked long ago.

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Rosaline Wrecked It All (one-act version)

Dramedy. 35 - 40 minutes. 4 females, 2 males, 8+ any gender (fully gender-flexible with an unlimited optional ensemble).
High school and older performers, and middle school and older audiences.

When everyone blames Rosaline for the terrible tragedy that is the tale of Romeo and Juliet, she races to clear her name, but will the search for truth yield an answer that no one—not even Rosaline—was expecting?

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Two Houses

Drama. 40 - 45 minutes. 2 females, 2 males, 5+ any gender (9+ performers possible)
Suitable for middle school and older.

When Oliver's parents announce their divorce, he becomes an unwilling member of a group of teens navigating big changes.

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Comedy. 40 - 50 minutes. 4 females, 3-14+ any gender (7-18+ performers possible).
Middle school and older performers, elementary and older audiences.

A restless dreamer is swept away to the magical land of Oz and must find her way home using her heart, brains and courage.

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Dead Air

Horror Comedy. 11 - 13 minutes. 4 females, 1 any gender.
Middle school and older.

True crime podcast Modern Murder is a hit with the girls at the slumber party—until the host starts talking about them!

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