Monologue: Ana from Mi Coche, Mi Quince

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Ana, a high school freshman, describes her friend Neli's lavish quinceanera to her older brother Luis and his girlfriend Miriam.


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The quince was awesome! Everybody watched themselves dance in Salon Adelio's big mirrors the whole night. And guess how many cakes they had? Nine! All sitting inside a huge Cinderella pumpkin coach – three chocolate, three vanilla, three strawberry. With a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry layer inside each one. It was perfectly coordinated with the damas and chambelones – three girls each in brown, cream and pink dresses and three guys with bow ties the same color. So beautiful. During the Waltz, one of the damas stepped on Neli's dress by accident and the dress ripped halfway up her side. But no one freaked. This party planner took her into a private dressing room and three minutes later she came out in a different dress. The video crew taped the whole thing. It'll be up on the website next week.