Anne (1)

from Anne of Green Gables by Donna Hoke

Genre: Comedy

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Anne, teenage orphan reluctantly adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, gives her version of an apology to a woman who has insulted her.

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Oh, Mrs. Lynde! I am soooooo sorry. I'm can't express the depths of my sorrow even with all the words in the dictionary. You'll just have to imagine it, even if you don't have a lick of imagination. I've disgraced Matthew and Marilla, who are so kind to just consider taking in a potentially murderous orphan who isn't even a boy. It was selfish to get mad just because you told me the truth, because I am an ugly girl with even uglier hair. What I said to you was true, too, but it was mean and rude to say out loud. I'm trying so hard to be good but I'm just an orphan with a tragical past. A few anger issues are understandable, aren't they? Please, please forgive me.