Anne (2)

from Anne of Green Gables by Donna Hoke

Genre: Dramedy

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Away at school, Anne writes home to her best friend, Diana.

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Dear Diana: I miss you! Your aunt's house is as luxurious as you said it was! Velvet carpet? Silk curtains? What's left to dream of when you have everything? I guess that's the upside of not having a lot of money.

Last night, Aunt Geraldine took us all for ice cream at eleven o'clock at night!

Josie is friendlier now that we appreciate each other's familiar faces. We've all been crying a little bit, which is why Aunt Geraldine took us.

Maybe you do that a lot when you visit, but eleven o'clock and you can still get ice cream?

I'm not so sure. Late night ice cream is a nice treat, but there are no trees or water here except in a crowded little square that you have to make a special trip to. That's nothing like having your own brook and woods to calm you.

Ugh. I just made myself homesick. I miss you so much! All my love and friendship forever, Anne. P.S. Even though Gilbert is also a familiar face with a very nice smile I recently noticed, we still don't talk. But knowing he's here keeps me sharp.