from Rosaline Wrecked It All by Stephen Kaplan

Genre: Drama

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Balthasar, a high school student, releases their hidden feelings about their friend Romeo.

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He was infatuated with you, and you didn't even like him! And I was so happy! I thought, finally, someone who doesn't want him, and he was so upset. And I thought, great, I can console him now. I told him how awesome I thought he was and how he deserves someone who loved him as much as he loved them, but he didn't see that it was me who I was talking about, and even after you kept rejecting him, he still wanted to see you! So he went to the party, and I was actually glad when I heard you weren't there! But then he saw Juliet, and it happened again! But you made it worse, because instead of just rebounding, he obviously took your rejection really hard, and he and Juliet got married!!! After one day!! So when she died—or I thought she died—I'll admit it, I was happy. OK?! I know it's an awful thing to say, but it's true. I thought that I'd tell him that she died and then he'd really see that I was there for him. That it was me all along who was there for him.

But he didn't want me.

You have no idea what it's like to feel so invisible that it's like you don't even exist.

To see everyone else around you smiling and happy and living while you—

I am so alone, and nobody else knows what I'm going through or what it's like to be me, and I am just so sick of being me.