from G.B.F. Forever by Asher Wyndham

Genre: Comedy

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Carly has two reasons for inviting Payton over:  1) she wants him to help her out with the big French test, and 2) she desperately wants to make him into a G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend), because it’s the latest accessory at school.

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Have you ever thought about highlights?
Highlights in your cheveux?
You would look fantabulous—formidable with highlights.
Oui-oui! I could add highlights in my bathroom!
My mom owns Golden Chair Salon, the one on Reynolds Avenue and Main. She trained me last summer how to cut hair, do all these hair styles, coloring, and highlighting. 
Relax! You’re homosexuel, I’m straight, so it’s not like I am going to flirt with you. But if you were straight, it’d be a whole different story…
If you were straight, my parents would say No! to studying with you in my bedroom. C’mon! Makeover time!