from Creature Features (Modern Day Mutants) by Christian Kiley

Genre: Drama

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Charlie shares the story of how he played hide and seek as a child and no one looked for him. He shares this with the other Originals (the Modern Day Mutants) as a way of accepting his uniqueness and discovering his willingness to forgive.  Charlie's heart grows throughout the play, and this monologue is the culmination of the healing process.  While the character is male in the play, for audition or classroom purposes, it could be performed by an actor of either gender.

 Using this monologue without permission is illegal, as is reproducing it on a website or in print in any way.)

One time, when I was very little my big brother let me play hide and seek with his friends. It was a thrill. It was the big leagues of a small forest next to our house. No way was I going to be the first one found, so I went to the deepest part of the forest and hid. I had to control my giggling. It was such a great spot. And I waited and waited and waited. The most patience any kid has ever shown, ever. And it started to get dark and got dark. And my face got hot and...why would they not look for me? Not one of them. I made a makeshift bed under some leaves and slept there. It got pretty cold and the sounds were frightening. I mean it wasn’t a real forest, it was one of those little park-forests that developers make to give you the sense that they didn’t kill all of nature, just most of it. When I came home Saturday morning the breakfast dishes had already been cleared. Blueberry pancakes, my favorite, and not one left. I think I intentionally left some leaves in my hair to see if anyone would notice. They didn’t. My heart is my ability to forgive.