Monologue: Dar from Prime

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Dar, a princess on the run from an arranged marriage, wakes to find that her traveling companion has left without her.

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(Rising:) This isn't good. That ground was awfully wet.
My trousers feel like diapers. You can bet
He woke up early, headed someplace dry.
"Oh, look! Let's camp here!" Sure, why not, let's try.
"And by the way, I'll slip out in the a.m.,
And leave you to the bugs and beasts and mayhem."
(Unrolling Dion's jacket and putting it on:) I miss him though. No, no, I don't miss him.
Just—what? His voice, his eyes, his hands, his grin.
Oh, hell. I'm sure it's just because I'm lonely.
No. Step it up. Today my job is only
To look for food, and work, and some good lodging,
And then there's always bloodhounds to be dodging.
Forget him! Up and at it, that's the plan.
And not another thought about that man.