from Funtown by Laura Neill

Genre: Drama

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Doc, the scientific expert in a band of teenage runaways, concludes that their crew is better off going their separate ways.

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It's over. We got lucky for a minute—

I got lucky I found someplace where people didn't think I was an idiot.

I'm not an idiot, I'm smart,

and I can see what's happening here,

and the odds are bad.

The odds are very, very bad, okay, Nic,

we stopped being lucky,

so stop pretending we're all gonna go live somewhere else.

Because there is no somewhere else.

The other somewhere elses, there are already people there,

and they're not nice,

I've-I've been to those other places,

and they don't like groups,

and they don't like me,

and so we'll probably all be better off

on our own.