Monologue: Drake (2) from Dracula of Pennsylvania

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Drake finally tells his therapist why he feels responsible for his mother’s death.  (Monologue has been created from dialogue with intervening lines removed.)


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(Standing slowly, not wanting to begin:)

Like I told you before, we were going into Philadelphia to get back-to-school clothes. Mom was talking about getting me some shirts and some jeans and I said I wanted these cool new basketball shoes. Mom asked me why, since I don't play basketball, and I said because they looked cool, and she asked me how much "cool" cost these days and I said a hundred and fifty dollars, and the fight started pretty much right there.


Oh, it got crazy pretty quick. She was yelling and I was yelling and she called me selfish and said I didn't understand how much money a hundred and fifty dollars really was, and I said something stupid, like "I'll bet it's worth a hundred and fifty dollars," and then I said if she really cared about me she'd get me the shoes and she said that if I really cared about her, I'd understand why she couldn't, and I—




I called her a bitch.

(He shoulders slump, as if finally saying this out loud is crushing him.)

I didn't mean it! I was just so mad! And then she swatted me on the leg—it didn't even hurt—and without thinking, I just reached out and shoved her and then, bam, we hit that other car and went in the ditch, and...