from Secret Life Under the Stairs by Krista Knutsen-Marushy

Genre: Drama

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Field,10 (though she could be played by an older actor), finishes reading what she's just written in her journal.

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I danced beneath your secret heights
A peak no one could see
I slew the boys
To be alone
with secret books
for me.
Digging a tunnel I flew to the sky
Freezing air a fire inside
but alone
with me
and just a book
not much fun.
The advanced class at school gets to study French and go on field trips to museums.  Even though they’re older, they feel more like me.  We can’t really afford the trips anyway.  Instead I get a library card to check out books for free, and Mom works extra hard so Catch can play baseball and have his own uniform.  And I borrow distant places to travel on a page.
Someday I’ll go for real, you know? Take field trips of my own.
(beat, looking off-stage)
I could race, too, you know.  They just get mad when I beat them. 
(Field leaves, following the boys.)