from Supermarket of Lost by Cassandra Hsiao

Genre: Drama

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Hailee, a teenager with cancer, snuck out of the house this morning to give away all her personal belongings.

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There's nothing like losing a child... I tried sneaking out this morning, you know, like a normal teenager, 'cause I didn't want to explain why I have all this stuff. But my dad was in the doorway. And he just stood there, crying a little. And then he let me pass. We didn't even say a word.


You know those movies where the kid dies and the parents never clean out their room? They just leave everything where it was. Which means they'll leave my bed unmade, because I never make my bed. They'll leave my art up on the walls until the paper starts to curl and the watercolor starts to fade. They'll leave all my favorite books to rot on the shelf with no one to read them.

That scene where the mom or dad passes by the kid's closed door, and it's like something punches them in the gut and they double over and collapse to the floor? It's real, Austin. I'm not even gone yet and I've heard them break down crying when they see my stuff around the house.


I can't stand it. They've got to make room in their lives for more than me.