from Herby Alice Counts Down to Yesterday by Nicole B. Adkins

Genre: Dramedy

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Herby Alice, early to mid-teens, isn't the most popular kid at school, but he's a science genius.  He's talking to Rose, same age.

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Some nights when I can't sleep I carry my telescope outside to my tree-house. I spend hours...just looking into space. And you know something? As long as I stay, I never see any more than the smallest portion of what's out there.
Rose, I'm sorry I pressured you about helping me. We're on different paths now. I understand that. I guess...I just—miss the way it was, you know, when we were kids? Last year? You've always been my best friend. But now... well, I guess you're pretty busy with the media circus. You've got your new friends. Your extracurricular activities. Your new—look.
You were never invisible to me.
You'll be great at broadcasting. Just like you are at everything. And I won't tell anybody that you still get straight As in science and math.