from Herby Alice Counts Down to Yesterday by Nicole B. Adkins

Genre: Dramedy

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Herby Alice, early to mid-teens, isn't the most popular kid at school, but he's a science genius.  He's talking to Rose, same age.

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Some nights when I can’t sleep I carry my telescope outside to my tree-house. I spend hours...just looking into space. And you know something? As long as I stay, I never see any more than the smallest portion of what’s out there.
Rose, I’m sorry I pressured you about helping me. We’re on different paths now. I understand that. I guess...I just - miss the way it was, you know, when we were kids? Last year? You’ve always been my best friend. But now... well, I guess you’re pretty busy with the media circus. You’ve got your new friends. Your extracurricular activities. Your new - look.
You were never invisible to me.
You’ll be great at broadcasting. Just like you are at everything. And I won’t tell anybody that you still get straight As in science and math.