from Cupid and Psyche: An Internet Love Story by Maria Hernandez, Emma Rosecan and Alexis Stickovitch

Genre: Dramedy

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A video blog.  Spotlight on Izzy sitting on a bed facing a tripod.  She clicks the camera on.

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...Homecoming isn’t just one of those things you invite people to...  but you don’t want to go alone.  Especially when all my friends have dates; annoying, but cute nonetheless.  I don’t know why guys don’t like me.  Everyone says I’m pretty, but apparently that’s not enough.  You have to be smart like Reed, or outgoing like Olivia.  They never have trouble finding dates for the dance, not that they have to worry about that anymore.  It really, really bothers me that
Never mind.
On the flip flop, today in Latin class we finally got to mythology.  We started with my favorite. The story of Cupid and Psyche.  You know, Psyche was the last of her sisters to get a boyfriend too.  Everyone agreed she was, in fact, the prettiest, but all her suitors were too intimidated to talk to her.  It got to the point where her desperate parents went to the Oracle to see if she would ever get married.  The Oracle told her parents to leave her on the side of the mountain and her husband would find her there and take her with him.  And he did.  And everything was awesome, except for the fact that Psyche’s husband never let her see what he looked like.  This didn’t bother her, but her sisters convinced her looks are everything.  So she decided one night to turn on the lights.  And like that he was gone.  He was there just long enough for her to see that he was the gorgeous god Cupid.
(She leans forward to turn off the camera.)
If I ever had someone that loved me like that, I’d never turn the lights on.
(She turns camera off.)