from Lockdown by Julia Edwards

Genre: Dramedy

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Katarina, substitute teacher, loses it in Lockdown, a play about a group of students trapped in the library when their school does into lockdown.

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You’re going to get eaten alive out there.
All of you.
You think you’re on top of the world here. You think you can be so sarcastic and get all up in people’s faces. Out there?
You’re nothing.
Out there?
You are going to cry like babies.
When you can’t make your rent.
When your utilities are overdue.
When you don’t have health insurance and you get this terrible infection and you have to go to the free clinic and you have to wait for three hours with all the winos, runaways, and drug addicts to get some really terrible medical care and free antibiotics.
Then you’re going to call Mom and Dad in tears. And you know what they’re going to do?
They’re going to Cut You Off. They’re going to decide that you’re old enough to support yourself. They’re going to sell the house you grew up in, they’re going to sell all of your childhood belongings, and then, they’re going to go on a world cruise. And you know what? You’re not going to have the energy to make all your bratty remarks because you’re going to be too busy thinking about how you’re going to feed yourself on three dollars a day.