from Kid Turboni Brings the Rain by Mark J. Costello

Genre: Drama, Dramedy

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As his city, Albuquerque, endures a scorching draught and heat wave, 12-year-old Kid Turboni plans to imitate the legendary Smack Turkenson, who once brought rain to his people in "the Zone." He's taken to talking to the mythical figure for inspiration. (This monologue has been edited to remove interrupting stage directions.)

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I'm pretty sure NASA lost a few dogs in space before putting Lance Armstrong on the moon.

Live strong, my brother. You'll always be a champion in my eyes.

The first attempt wasn't a success but who's to say you were able to bring the rain on your first walk down California Street. I bet you walked up and down from Sunshine Market a thousand times before you found the right way to bring the rain.

I want to earn the rain like you did—I don't want to steal it.

What's it matter, so long as it rains? Our people in the Zone steal things to get by sometimes. No judgment. I don't think that's me, though.

I think someday I'll leave this place, but I don't know what it'll do without me. Or me without it. Maybe I won't leave.

I don't know why your story is so important to me. I think about it all day. I keep picturing myself bringing the rain and then—well. I guess bringing the rain would be enough, for now. One thing at a time.

I hope to someday put on the jacket of freedom and liberate the Zone from the heat Mother Nature is putting us through. It might be a test. You would know better than me.

That would be sweet.

And I've been thinking... I think my mom would've put me back on the bike and told me to go again. She was like that, you know?

Thanks for listening, Smack. I ought to get to bed. Dad'll be up soon and I have a long day of planning attempt number two ahead of me with Billy.

And...maybe Kelly, too...

Not that I care.