from The Locker Next 2 Mine (full-length version) by Jonathan Dorf

Genre: Dramedy

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Legolas, a sensitive goth, is in a classroom where they've just received the results of aptitude tests that they took earlier in the year.  While in the play the character is male, the monologue could easily be done by a female for purposes of audition or classroom work.
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Six years ago, my uncle moved from apartment 208 to apartment 103.  Same building.  And so they start sending his disability checks to 103, which is what you expect, right?  And then suddenly 2 months ago they start going back to 208.  Lucky it's in the same building, but what's up with that?
People think I'm weird.  I'm OK with that.  Tiny Tim, the little gimpy kid from Christmas Carol, says maybe people will see him and feel better cause they're not him.  I think I'm something like that kind of weird.  But not crazy.  Not like "we flew our own planes into the Towers" crazy.  And I say that the check suddenly going to my uncle's old address, or Jeremy's old aptitude test coming back, that's not an accident.
I just hope—I hope it makes things better.