from One Good Thing by Don Zolidis

Genre: Drama

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Nick, 20, a marine, talks to his younger brother Travis, 17. 

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It's gonna be nice when I'm through with it. Let me tell you something about the American army, all right, wimp? You know what these guys do to try and kill us? They can't actually show up, right? They can't actually say hey let's actually duke it out like men. No these guys are vermin. They put tiny little bombs on the side of the road, aimed to blow up underneath a hummer, where it's weak. And they put all kinds of stuff in there, nails, glass, anything, so that it will send as much crap flying as possible. And then they run away and they blend back in with the rest of the people: You know what that makes them? Wusses. Makes me wanna puke. Doesn't matter though, cause we're gonna exterminate 'em. Make the world safe for Starbucks.