from Snakes in a Lunchbox by Arthur M. Jolly

Genre: Dramedy

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Peyton, the school bully, has had a complete change of heart after witnessing violence at home.

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Last night, my dad left the halfway house, came over and punched my mom in the face a bunch until she picked up a knife out of the sink and stuck it in his arm.  Which is...he's okay.  I mean, he's not dead or anything, but the way she looked when...he's gonna be in the hospital for a bit 'cause she hit an artery, and then he's going back inside.  It's a violation of his condition of release or something, so there isn't even going to be a trial or nothing.  The thing is...when she did it, I wasn't...I saw them fight, you know, before he—I mean, the first time.  They fought a bunch, but she was always them fighting.  The two of them, it's how they were.  Last night, I looked at her face—and I thought she was going to kill him.  Stab him in the neck, or the heart.  And I didn't feel bad about it.  Not one bit.  I just thought: took you long enough, Momma.
Don't tell anyone.
Never mind, say whatever.  I figure everyone will know in a day or two anyway. They always do.