from The Adventures of Rocky & Skye by Kelly DuMar

Genre: Comedy

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Ratani, female, is a middle school student.  It's picture day.


Hi! Aren't you the same photographer as last year? Wow! I didn't think you'd be back after the incident with Todd Bright. Can you believe he wasn't even suspended?
I love picture day! Not everybody does, but I do, because I come prepared. I remind all my friends, but nobody listens. It's like they just roll out of bed and say, oh, it's picture day, guess I better brush my teeth. Like it's too much hassle to pick an outfit the day before? Make sure it's clean? Comb your hair?
My friend Rocky, he woke up with a big pimple right here—so he pretended he was sick, but the nurse sent him back to class just in time for pictures. I told him, don't worry—that's why they invented retouching!
You have my form, right? I checked Package A+ Deluxe with the Misty Blue background—the gray would look really pukey with my dress, don't you think?
(Smoothing her dress with her hands.)
My father let me buy it even though my mother says I'll never wear it again. And these shoes—they weren't even on sale! He might not have told her about the shoes yet.
What do you mean it's just a headshot? You're kidding! Wow, he's gonna be bummed.
Are you sure you got a good one? Great! Well, I hope for your sake Todd Bright's out sick today. Bye!