from Rosaline Wrecked It All by Stephen Kaplan

Genre: Drama

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Rosaline, a bullied teen, tries to explain why everyone's after her.

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I was supposed to go to the party, and I didn't.

For reasons that—

Well, no one really cares what reasons, because they all think that if I was there, then Romeo wouldn't have been distracted by my cousin, Juliet,

And if he hadn't been distracted by her, then the two of them wouldn't have hooked up,

And if they didn't hook up, they wouldn't have gotten married.

No one's talking about the fact that they knew each other, like, a day—

Because they all think that if I was there, then Romeo wouldn't have been expelled to Mantua High,

And it's because he was expelled that Juliet pretended to kill herself so she could fool everyone and be with Romeo,

But Romeo thought Juliet was really dead and then killed himself, and then Juliet did the same to herself.

Makes perfect sense, right?

And the next perfect sense thing is that I'm to blame for all of it because if I had just gone to the party, then evidently none of that would've happened, which is ridiculous, but—

And then when I didn't go to the funeral as well...

So they're all blaming me.

And now it's too late to share my side—

Though it was already too late even before any of this happened because even before, no one would listen to me.

No one would believe me.

Not when you're up against—

Because how do you fight when the enemy is evidently perfect.