from Herby Alice Counts Down to Yesterday by Nicole B. Adkins

Genre: Dramedy

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Rose is in her early to mid-teens, aspiring reporter, and not so terribly popular—but trying to be. After sneaking in to look at the machine Herby's built, she talks to the Camera Guy.

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Let's get a few shots of this.
Zoom in on the combustion chamber.
This is where the chemical reaction takes place. I mean, I think that's, uh, where stuff happens. But wait a minute...this is unexpected. That's a change from the plans I saw. In...class. Not like—at his house or anything. We aren't really friends. I mean we used to be when we were really little. But we don't run in the same, uh, crowd anymore. Since last—uh, kindergarten...and Herby didn't even start building interstellar rockets until first grade.
Can you edit that out?
Anyway...this isn't built like a typical rocket. From what I can tell. I mean, this isn't just built to go to the moon, like he claims. This is built for something else. I don't even recognize this component. What is this supposed to do?
(She accidently bends or breaks off a piece. She tries to fix it. She can't.)
Uh-oh. Turn off the camera. We have to get out of here.