from Like a Metaphor by Emily Cicchini

Genre: Drama

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Scout, an attractive teen girl, sits in a slick wheelchair in her bedroom, recording a diary entry.

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Mom was driving when it happened.  We were coming back from dropping Angel off at dance class.  I just went along for the ride, for no reason.  It was a perfectly normal day.  We were crossing the intersection at Washington, and this truck came out of nowhere.  Ran the red light.  Slammed right into the passenger side.  I never even saw it coming.  I hardly even felt a thing.

Until I woke up three days later.   Then, it was pain like you can't describe:   Pain is an excellent teacher.  Mom was standing over me: she was fine, thank goodness, hardly hurt at all, just a scratch on her forehead.  She said, "he was drunk.   What were they thinking, letting a drunk man drive their truck…"

I think both she and Angel somehow feel responsible, in their own ways.  Even though I tell them over and over…"it was just an accident!  How could we have known?"