from The Adventures of Rocky & Skye by Kelly DuMar

Genre: Dramedy

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Skye is a girl in middle school.  It's picture day.


Wow, I can't even believe it - my last picture day in middle school! My mother says you take the best pictures of all the school photographers. The one you took of me in first grade's my favorite - I had on my blue flowered dress with the little heart buttons. Her favorite's the one you took of me last year. I just wish I didn't wear yellow! My mother thinks it's my color, but she's totally wrong. I wanted to come to picture re-take day but she wouldn't let me. As you can see, I'm not wearing yellow. But I'm not having the best hair day. Up or down - I couldn't decide. I should have had it cut. In homeroom my friend Ratani said I should wear it up, and in health Grant said definitely down, and in math Rocky said part up, part down, and, well, you can see how it all turned out. Okay, I guess I'm ready.
Wait! I'm not! This is hard - I mean, coming up with the right expression for my last picture in middle school ever.
How was that? Okay, well, I'll see you next year! What? You don't do the high school pictures?
I guess this is goodbye then...
(She starts to exit, then:)
Unless my hair looks horrible - then I'll see you make up day - no matter what! Okay, well...bye!