Spencer is a teenaged nerd-turned-supervillain.

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Can I do my monologue please? 


By now my plan is becoming increasingly clear. And there's nothing you can do to stop it. I'm afraid this battle station will be fully operational by the time your friends arrive. Even now my agents are infiltrating the major movie studios and television stations. You won't notice at first. Maybe a movie here, maybe an adaptation of Batman there. But rest assured, my masked friend, that is the only beginning. As my legion of geeks moves their way into positions of power, soon every movie will be a superhero movie. Every summer you and your friends will crowd into movie theatres to watch the things I loved as a kid. You won't be able to escape. We will run the show. AND THE GEEKS SHALL RULE THE WORLD! You think we'll stop with America? Oh no. Ha ha ha. We'll export the movies to China, and Europe, and Latin America even though that's still a relatively small market—everyone, everywhere in the world will worship our spandex-clad heroes! And we will be rich, I tell you! Rich! So rich that we will steal all your wives. Actually, scratch that. We will find younger, hotter women than your wives and we'll marry them and make you jealous!