from The Snow Globe by Sara Crawford

Genre: Drama

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Tabatha, 11 years old, tells Ethan, 12, about some boys in the neighborhood who bully her.

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They call me names, mostly, when I'm riding my bike or walking.  Or they'll say things like "hey, nerdy girl, why are you so ugly?"   They call me "four eyes" and make fun of me whenever they see me reading a book.  Even when I'm just sitting on my porch, you know, minding my own business, they'll come by and say things like "if I had your face, I'd jump out of a window to make it look better."
(Ethan is silent.)
One time, I was riding my bike, and I saw them up in Charlie's room.  I think they were all playing video games or something.  But on my next time around the block, they were all of the sudden outside.  I was looking at them, and I didn't see the huge tree branch they had put in front of my bike.  When I hit it with my bike, I fell off and I fell down the hill.  They all thought that was very funny. "We did you a favor," Charlie said, "Now your face will look better."
(Ethan is quiet.)
I sprained my wrist, and I got some cuts and bruises. Oh, and my glasses broke. I had to get new ones. But I was okay.
I thought you were with them that day…  It's okay.
My mom says I need to have stronger energy so I won't get picked on.
(She fumbles with her necklace:)
She gave me this crystal. It's supposed to help, she said. But I don't think it is. Especially not with those boys…