from War of the Buttons by Jonathan Dorf

Genre: Dramedy

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Trace, mid-teens, female, talking to Charlie, same age. Nearby are a group of their friends.

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I'll stand in front of you so nobody can see.
(Beat. Charlie sits, his back to the others and to the audience.)
Do you want me to talk, just in case, so nobody'll hear?
(Charlie nods, already starting to shake quietly with sobs.)
Have you started yet?
Sometimes I feel like I have to cry, and it's like when you have to sneeze—no, more like when you have to go to the bathroom really bad, and you try to hold it—but if you try to hold it too long...  That happened to Gene once. When we were ten. He didn't go at the rest stop like our dad told him to, and then five minutes later, Gene says he has to go really bad. We try to pull over, but he can't hold it. Then we have to stop at the first rest stop, so Gene can clean up. My dad made Gene clean the car too. Don't tell Gene I told you. Should I keep going?
Let me know if you have to do it again.