from Dracula of Pennsylvania by Don Goodrum

Genre: Dramedy

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Wysteria, a dreamy teen, is explaining to her new friend Drake why she considers herself a "creature of the night." (Monologue has been created from dialogue with intervening lines removed.)


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No, nothing so outlandish as all that! I am merely a nocturnal spiritualist, a loving child of Gaea, tuned into the rhythm of the tides and the beating of her heart.


Confidentially, I did want to be a witch once. A Wiccan, you know? I read all the literature, looked up all the websites and I was all set to sign up-and then I found out what "skyclad" meant. I'm sorry, I'm all for communing with Mother Nature and empowering my womanhood and all that, but I am so not dancing naked in the moonlight, not for anyone!


So now I just wear the clothes and drink my tea and commune with my crystals and celebrate the Earth, our Mother in my own inimitable way.


And I write poetry! Would you like to hear one of my poems?