Best Foot Forward

by Brandon Grayson and Lojo Simon

About the Play

Musical. 45-55 minutes. 2-8 gender-flexible performers. Suitable for high school and older performers, and elementary school audiences.

Note about the score: A perusal copy of the score that may be printed once is included as part of a Digital Perusal Script, while printed scripts contain a link to a non-printable digital perusal copy of the score. A score that may be printed, copied and used in performance comes with the order of a Production Copy License (or a Classroom Copy license for classroom study only).

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Eleven-year-old Colorado farm kid Sawyer McNally dreams of showing off their tap-dancing skills in Denver's Dance Starz regionals—but "Lil G" González wows the judges with their hip-hop routine and wins the coveted first-place crown, devastating Sawyer. To make matters worse, when bad weather grounds Lil G's flight home, Sawyer's father invites the Kansas City kid to the family farm. Can Sawyer put aside hurt feelings and jealousy to be a good host? Will these rivals let their differences divide them? Or maybe they'll discover they have more in common than they expected in this bilingual musical that weaves together styles of music, dance and culture, encouraging friendship across boundaries of geography, language and experience.

"Best Foot Forward was on point! Our students love dancing and music, so this was a great way to catch their attention and share an important message." - Mindy Miller, Librarian

"[I appreciate] the message Best Foot Forward sends to students: No matter our differences, we can learn from each other and be kind." - Kent Michel, Principal/Superintendent

"The 'respecting differences' theme with city vs. country went very well with our character education themes. The student interaction during the play was outstanding." - Amy Rother, Principal

"This is a lovely, funny, moving and totally engaging TYA musical that celebrates cultural differences and uses dance beautifully as a metaphor. Highly recommended for the elementary school set (or, frankly, anyone)." - Skye Robinson Hillis, Playwright

Music Files

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