It's Raining Tamales!

by Kit Goldstein Grant

About the Play

Musical Comedy. 55-65 minutes. 3-9+ females, 3-7+ males (6-13+ performers possible). Suitable for late-elementary and older performers, and elementary and family audiences.

Note about the score: A perusal copy of the score that may be printed once is included as part of a Digital Perusal Script, while printed scripts contain a link to a non-printable digital perusal copy of the score. A score that may be printed, copied and used in performance comes with the order of a Production Copy License (or a Classroom Copy license for classroom study only).

It's Raining Tamales! premiered at the Schenectady Theater for Children (Schenectady, NY). Third prize in the Jackie White Memorial National Children's Play Writing Contest. Finalist for the Mountain Playhouse International Comedy Playwriting Competition.

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Classroom Copy License $100.00 $0.00
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Hector and Inez have been poor all their lives—until Hector finds a bag of money hidden in the woods! Inez makes him promise to keep quiet about it: she's sure that a bandido must have hidden that money, and if he finds out they have it... But Inez knows her husband can't zip his lips for long, so she'd better come up with a scheme clever enough to fool a bandido...a scheme involving a peculiar downpour of tamales! Throw in a narrator-cat with a penchant for drama, a hard working miller and her daughter, and of course a bandido armed with hot peppers and squishy tomatoes, and you have a recipe for a tasty musical comedy.

"The Kit Goldstein musical, It's Raining Tamales!, was selected as our Spring touring production for 2011. This is not the first time we have toured a Kit Goldstein musical; it is actually the fourth. But it is the first time in our 45-year history that schools have asked us to bring a production back for a second tour for the Fall season. Actually we never have had a Fall season, but we obviously do now!" - Dee Mulford, Producer, Schenectady Theater for Children

"If you are considering a musical production for your company, I highly recommend It's Raining Tamales! by writer Kit Goldstein. While our target audience is elementary school children, It's Raining Tamales! provides fun for all ages in its delightfully witty script and lyrics, and its wonderful music. Children, older siblings, parents, teachers and grandparents, everyone has enjoyed the experience. Ms. Goldstein is a truly talented writer and It's Raining Tamales! is one of her best!" - Criss Macaione-Bilodeau, President, Schenectady Theater for Children

Music Files

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