Mita, the Magnificent

by Noelle Donfeld

About the Play

Musical. 35-40 minutes. 2 females, 2 males, 1 optional any gender. Suitable for high school and older performers, and elementary and middle school audiences.

Note about the score: A perusal copy of the score is included with the order of a Digital Perusal Script, but printed scripts only contain the book. A score that may be copied and used in performance comes with the order of a Production Copy License.


Mita is a sweet underground termite who desperately wants a friend but whose huge appetite constantly gets her in trouble. There has been a drought, and Mita's neighbors are all seriously hungry. Mariposa, a monarch butterfly, has just flown up from Mexico to visit a garden, but its flowers have all died in the drought. Abe, a feisty bee, also needs pollen, and Aran, a crafty spider, is trying to entrap Mariposa for dinner! Can Mita save them from starvation and prove that everyone deserves a friend? Information on “the bugs and the bees” is a bonus in this suspenseful, fun and highly portable show, which includes some Spanish.

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