The Argonauts

by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus and Dennis Poore

About the Play

Musical comedy. 55-65 minutes. 6-14+ females, 6-14+ males (15-45+ performers possible). Suitable for high school and older performers, middle school and older audiences.

Note about the score: A perusal copy of the score is included with the order of a Digital Perusal Script, but printed scripts only contain the book. A score that may be copied and used in performance comes with the order of a Production Copy License.

Premiered at Showdown Stage Company (Santa Clarita, CA).


Time and genres blend in this roller-coaster romp of a rock musical. Jason and his friends are the Freaks & Greeks of Thessaly High, the classic (or modern?!) underdogs. But Pelias and his gang of uber-hip kids keep the nerds pressed firmly beneath their thumbs. Why can't Jason be that cool? Maybe he can—if he can sneak over to Colchis High and steal their mascot, the Golden Fleece. With its magical powers behind him, Jason will finally be the rightful BMOC. But as the Argonauts face Harpies, the Hydra, true love and scariest of all, themselves, in their search for the Fleece, they may just learn what it truly means to be popular and cool.

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Printed Script $8.00 $0.00
Digital Perusal Script $9.50 $0.00
Performance Royalties $70.00 $0.00
Production Copy License $85.00 $0.00
Classroom Copy License $100.00 $0.00
Musical Tracks $75.00 $0.00
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Gold Package $105.00 $0.00
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Diamond Package $210.00 $0.00
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Music Files

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