The Secret Garden (musical version)

by Miriam Raiken-Kolb

About the Play

Musical. 105 minutes. 8-16+ females, 5-16+ males (16-35+ performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older.

Note about the score: A perusal copy of the score is included with the order of a Digital Perusal Script. A score that may be copied and used in performance comes with the order of a Production Copy License.

The Secret Garden
was first produced by Somerville Summer Theater Project (Somerville, MA), funded in part by a grant from the Somerville Arts Council.


Orphaned in British colonial India, spoiled young Mary Lennox is sent to England to live at the estate of her widowed uncle. She finds many secrets in the dark and lonely house, but the one that most captivates her is a "secret garden" that has been locked up for years—the garden where her still-mourning uncle's wife died. Though all are forbidden to enter the Garden, Mary and her new friend Dickon are determined to bring it back to life. As the garden begins to blossom, so does Mary. Another secret—the boy who cries in the night—is revealed when Mary discovers a bedridden boy, Colin, hidden away in seclusion. But this discovery brings still more mysteries. Why is he hidden away? Is he really too sick to walk? And why is his father, Mary's uncle, so afraid to love him? When spring arrives, Mary and Dickon smuggle Colin out to their "secret garden." Will he blossom there as Mary has? What other magical powers of healing and renewal will the "secret garden" reveal? Based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

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