YouthPLAYS Streaming Guide

We know that many programs have had to pivot to online performance, or have had to limit audience capacity, and are interested in live-streaming and on-demand viewing. We want to make this as easy as possible. First, we'll lay down some basic ground rules and then tell you what you need to purchase. Finally, we'll introduce you to our Preferred Streaming Partners, companies that can you the support you need to stream your production securely (and sell tickets to it!).

But before we get started, click here to open up a list of titles written specifically for virtual production.

Streaming and On-Demand Basic Ground Rules

1. Your production may take place in a physical theater space or it may be partially or completely virtual (i.e. with some or all of the performers in their own homes or other remote locations).

2. The show may be streamed live or pre-recorded and then streamed at a designated time (or streamed on-demand if you've purchased a Gold package or higher).

3. If the show is pre-recorded, it is allowable for actors to record their parts/scenes separately and for these to be edited together. However, each actor's final recorded performance must be one discrete take and not the product of multiple takes that have been edited together like a film.

4. All streams must be secure (i.e. password-protected) unless you've purchased the Platinum package or higher.

Next, let's go through the steps you need for licensing a production for streaming and/or on-demand viewing, and the different packages available. 

How to License a Production for Streaming
and/or On-Demand Viewing

1. Purchase cast copies. While you are welcome to purchase physical scripts for most of our plays, we recommend purchasing a production copy license, which comes with a PDF file and permission to make copies for (or distribute digitally to) your cast and crew.

2. Purchase performance royalties. You'll want to purchase one performance for each time you'll be streaming the show. So if you plan to broadcast the show three different times, purchase three royalties. Even if you're not planning on having a performance at a set time (i.e. you've ordered a Gold Package or higher), you still need at least one performance royalty as the basis for what you'll be showing on demand or placing on a social media or organization (Platinum or higher) website.

3. Purchase your streaming/video package (one covers your entire production):

Bronze Package: This allows you to record the performance(s) for archival purposes and to distribute (free of charge) one DVD or digital download to each cast/crew member. If you wish to sell the recording, you must purchase the Fundraising Add-On. Note: The Bronze Package doesn't allow streaming, just archival video.

Silver Package: The privileges of the Bronze Package, plus the ability to stream (either live or pre-recorded and played at a designated time) all of your performances on a secure server (i.e. password-protected).

Gold Package: The privileges of the Silver Package, plus the ability to run the show on-demand on a secure streaming service for a two-week period.

Platinum Package: The privileges of the Gold Package, plus the ability to place the show on a school website or unmonetized social media channel (see below for an explanation) for a two-week period.

Diamond Package: The privileges of the Platinum Package, plus the ability to place the show on a school website or unmonetized social media channel (see below for an explanation) indefinitely.

Fundraising Add-On: Purchase this in addition to your base package if you'd like to be able to sell the archival video of your production.

What does "unmonetized" mean? Certain social media sites (like YouTube) allow users who reach a certain number of subscribers to run site-generated ads on their videos, and the user accrues revenue per view. If you have such a user account, please be sure to disable monetization for this particular video. You can still sell tickets or your own advertising (e.g. program ads) to your shows.

How do I know what streaming/video packages are available for a particular show? To see what is available for a particular title, please visit its individual page. Only the available packages will display as Shopping Cart options.

While you may use any service you'd like as long as it's demonstrably secure (unless you've purchased a Platinum or higher package), we strongly recommend using one of our Preferred Partners. These companies can handle every aspect of your streaming experience, including ticket sales and on-demand viewing (if applicable). Keep reading to learn more...

Our Preferred Partners


AnywhereSeat by Ludus, the popular ticket sales platform trusted by schools throughout the U.S., is the easiest way to stream and sell tickets to your virtual show. Getting setup takes just a few minutes, even if you don't have your stream ready, so you can start marketing and selling tickets right away. Your patrons will have a beautiful at-home viewing experience with the option to donate and chat while watching. Most importantly, we take customer support seriously, so someone will always be available to help you along the way from setup to going live! Download their information flyer here.


The BookTix Live team is ready to help you navigate streaming your live or prerecorded shows with the same innovation and outstanding customer service as our ticketing platform. BookTix has built a safe, secure, budget friendly, easy-to-use streaming system specifically for live theater. We will help you acquire and configure the technology to upload your content to our secure streaming servers. The video will then be disseminated to ticket holders via a secure, one-time use link that can only be accessed by one device to reduce piracy. The entire system is integrated with our ticket platform and can even be used for live-streaming with a limited live audience. Download their information flyer here


ShowShare is the official software of Broadway On Demand, providing approved middle school, high school, college, community and professional theatre productions the opportunity to stream to their audiences via a global platform. Streamed productions are viewed on Broadway On Demand, the premiere streaming platform offering exclusive livestream events, interactive engagements, and educational resources. Download their information flyer here.


On The Stage is an all-in-one solution for ticketing, promotion, audience engagement, streaming, and more. Our streaming platform gives you the tools to capture your performance with the IOS devices you have and direct the show via our Studio software or with professional cameras, and stream through a branded, secure viewing portal on your show site, which enables donations and chat at your discretion during the performance. Whether you're producing onstage to an in-house audience or streaming to ticket holders around the world, raise the bar with fully-integrated, Broadway-style websites and marketing tools that transform your patrons' experience and simplify your to-do list. 

By theatre makers, for theatre makers, with a mission to support schools, theatres, and independent producers in achieving their creative and financial goals. Get best-in-class support from concept through final curtain and beyond—at no cost to your organization. You focus on the art; On The Stage has got the rest. The Show Must Go On[line]. Download their information flyer here.


The leader in online ticketing and streaming for community arts organizations, ShowTix4U's streaming platform gives you a new way to bring your show to your audience. With Live Streaming and Video On Demand capabilities incorporated directly into the ticketing platform, you can sell tickets, capture, and stream performances in one, easy-to-use solution. You can quickly and easily be streaming your events beyond the walls of your venue while adding a new revenue source. Made by the global leaders in licensing and production resources, the ShowTix4U platform is built to celebrate the theatre you make. Watch the ShowTix4U Streaming Webinar here (link to Download their information flyer here.