YouthPLAYS Streaming Guide

We know that many programs have had to pivot to online performance, or have had to limit audience capacity, and are interested in live-streaming and on-demand viewing. We want to make this as easy as possible. First, we'll lay down some basic ground rules and then tell you what you need to purchase. Next, we'll introduce you to our Preferred Streaming Partners, and after that, you'll find a list of YouthPLAYS titles currently available for streaming.

But before we get started, click here to open up a list of titles written specifically for virtual production.

Streaming and On-Demand Basic Ground Rules

1. Your production may take place in a physical theater space or it may be partially or completely virtual (i.e. with some or all of the performers in their own homes or other remote locations).

2. The show may be streamed live or pre-recorded and then streamed at a designated time (or streamed on-demand if you've purchased a Gold package or higher).

3. If the show is pre-recorded, it is allowable for actors to record their parts/scenes separately and for these to be edited together. However, each actor's final recorded performance must be one discrete take and not the product of multiple takes that have been edited together like a film.

4. All streams must be secure (i.e. password-protected) unless you've purchased the Platinum package or higher.

Next, let's go through the steps you need for licensing a production for streaming and/or on-demand viewing, and the different packages available. 

How to License a Production for Streaming
and/or On-Demand Viewing

1. Purchase cast copies. While you are welcome to purchase physical scripts for most of our plays, we recommend purchasing a production copy license, which comes with a PDF file and permission to make copies for (or distribute digitally to) your cast and crew.

2. Purchase performance royalties. You'll want to purchase one performance for each time you'll be streaming the show. So if you plan to broadcast the show three different times, purchase three royalties. Even if you're not planning on having a performance at a set time (i.e. you've ordered a Gold Package or higher), you still need at least one performance royalty as the basis for what you'll be showing on demand or placing on a social media or organization (Platinum or higher) website.

3. Purchase your streaming/video package (one covers your entire production):

Bronze Package: This allows you to record the performance(s) for archival purposes and to distribute (free of charge) one DVD or digital download to each cast/crew member. If you wish to sell the recording, you must purchase the Fundraising Add-On. Note: The Bronze Package doesn't allow streaming, just archival video.

Silver Package: The privileges of the Bronze Package, plus the ability to stream (either live or pre-recorded and played at a designated time) all of your performances on a secure server (i.e. password-protected).

Gold Package: The privileges of the Silver Package, plus the ability to run the show on-demand on a secure streaming service for a two-week period.

Platinum Package: The privileges of the Gold Package, plus the ability to place the show on a school website or unmonetized social media channel (see below for an explanation) for a two-week period.

Diamond Package: The privileges of the Platinum Package, plus the ability to place the show on a school website or unmonetized social media channel (see below for an explanation) indefinitely.

Fundraising Add-On: Purchase this in addition to your base package if you'd like to be able to sell the archival video of your production.

What does "unmonetized" mean? Certain social media sites (like YouTube) allow users who reach a certain number of subscribers to run site-generated ads on their videos, and the user accrues revenue per view. If you have such a user account, please be sure to disable monetization for this particular video. You can still sell tickets or your own advertising (e.g. program ads) to your shows.

Please be advised that not every package is available for every show (though in most cases, they are). To see what is available for a particular title, please visit its individual page. Only the available packages will display as Shopping Cart options.

While you may use any service you'd like as long as it's demonstrably secure (unless you've purchased a Platinum or higher package), we strongly recommend using one of our Preferred Partners. These companies can handle every aspect of your streaming experience, including ticket sales and on-demand viewing (if applicable). Keep reading to learn more...

Our Preferred Partners


AnywhereSeat by Ludus, the popular ticket sales platform trusted by schools throughout the U.S., is the easiest way to stream and sell tickets to your virtual show. Getting setup takes just a few minutes, even if you don’t have your stream ready, so you can start marketing and selling tickets right away. Your patrons will have a beautiful at-home viewing experience with the option to donate and chat while watching. Most importantly, we take customer support seriously, so someone will always be available to help you along the way from setup to going live! Download their information flyer here.


The BookTix Live team is ready to help you navigate streaming your live or prerecorded shows with the same innovation and outstanding customer service as our ticketing platform. BookTix has built a safe, secure, budget friendly, easy-to-use streaming system specifically for live theater. We will help you acquire and configure the technology to upload your content to our secure streaming servers. The video will then be disseminated to ticket holders via a secure, one-time use link that can only be accessed by one device to reduce piracy. The entire system is integrated with our ticket platform and can even be used for live-streaming with a limited live audience. Download their information flyer here


ShowShare™ is the official software of Broadway On Demand, providing approved middle school, high school, college, community and professional theatre productions the opportunity to stream to their audiences via a global platform. Streamed productions are viewed on Broadway On Demand, the premiere streaming platform offering exclusive livestream events, interactive engagements, and educational resources. Download their information flyer here.


On The Stage is an all-in-one solution for ticketing, promotion, audience engagement, streaming, and more. Our streaming platform gives you the tools to capture your performance with the IOS devices you have and direct the show via our Studio software or with professional cameras, and stream through a branded, secure viewing portal on your show site, which enables donations and chat at your discretion during the performance. Whether you’re producing onstage to an in-house audience or streaming to ticket holders around the world, raise the bar with fully-integrated, Broadway-style websites and marketing tools that transform your patrons’ experience and simplify your to-do list. 

By theatre makers, for theatre makers, with a mission to support schools, theatres, and independent producers in achieving their creative and financial goals. Get best-in-class support from concept through final curtain and beyond—at no cost to your organization. You focus on the art; On The Stage has got the rest. The Show Must Go On[line]. Download their information flyer here.


The leader in online ticketing and streaming for community arts organizations, ShowTix4U’s streaming platform gives you a new way to bring your show to your audience. With Live Streaming and Video On Demand capabilities incorporated directly into the ticketing platform, you can sell tickets, capture, and stream performances in one, easy-to-use solution. You can quickly and easily be streaming your events beyond the walls of your venue while adding a new revenue source. Made by the global leaders in licensing and production resources, the ShowTix4U platform is built to celebrate the theatre you make. Watch the ShowTix4U Streaming Webinar here (link to Download their information flyer here.

Titles Available for Streaming

Please contact us with any questions, or about titles not listed below. Just because a play is not mentioned doesn't necessarily mean it is NOT allowed--we just may not have heard from the author yet. More plays are being added regularly.

Click here for our list of plays that were written specifically for virtual performance.

4 A.M. the musical by Jonathan Dorf and Alison Wood

A-Bomb Wedding by Jonathan Dorf

Abby Does the Mashed Potato by Scott Mullen

Aberzombie by Megan Gogerty

The Absurdist Super Hero Fairy Tale by Deanna Alisa Ableser

An Actual Baby Person by Barbara Lindsay

Add Nauseam by Thomas J. Misuraca

The Adventures of Little Red Robin Hood by Katherine Dubois

The Adventures of Rocky & Skye by Kelly DuMar

Aesop and George by Claudia Haas

Aesop Refabled by Nicole B. Adkins, Jeff Goode, Adam Hahn, Samantha Macher, Liz Shannon Miller, Dominic Mishler, Mike Rothschild and Dave Ulrich

After The Hill by Meron Langsner

Al Dente by Sierra DuCharme-Hansen

Aleema the Boy Girl by Rex McGregor

Algebreathe by Marty Chandler

Alice in Wonderland by Randy Wyatt

Alice in Wonderland (and back again) by Randy Wyatt

Alice on the Other Side by Matt Buchanan

Alice's Birthday Surprise by Katherine Dubois

Alice's Christmas in Wonderland by Tommy Jamerson

ALiEN8 by Kate Brennan and David Lee White

All A-Twitter by Kenyon Brown

All of Us: A Celebration of BIPOC Voices

All of You by Dylan Schifrin

Alley Dog by Paul Lewis

Almost Immortal by Rex McGregor

Almost Perfect by Trevor Suthers

Anatomy by Hope Villanueva

And Tomorrow And Tomorrow... by Carol S. Lashof

And We Will Share the Sky by Donna Latham

Andy and Chrys by Nicole B. Adkins

Animals by Will Boersma

Anna's Perfect Party and the Amazing Magician's Marvelous Mistake by Karin Diann Williams

Annatude by Kenyon Brown

Anne of Green Gables by Donna Hoke

Ante Up by Laura King

The Ants and the Grasshopper by Trevor Suthers

Archibald the Monster by Arthur M. Jolly

The Argonauts by Flip Kobler, Cindy Marcus and Dennis Poore

The Artists of Ice and Snow by Kemuel DeMoville

As U Like It by Neeley Gossett

Ashes by Arthur M. Jolly

The Astonishing Adventures of the White Weevil by Don Zolidis

Augusta's Diamond Ring by Donna Latham

Aurelia's Magic by John Bolen

An Avalanche of Murder by Matt Buchanan

Awareness by Jonathan Price

B-E Aggressive by Samantha Macher

Babies by Don Zolidis

Band-a-thon! by Don Goodrum

Banned from Student Activities by Adam Hahn

The Baseball King by Amelia Denyven Ross

Bath Time is Fun Time by Arthur M. Jolly

Bat, Birds, and Beasts by Dominic Mishler

Beef Junkies by Jonathan Dorf

The Beggar Prince by Brenna McBride

The Best Balloon by Annie Harrison Elliott

The Best Drama Club Fundraiser of All Time, Minus that Part where we Accidentally Summoned a Demon by Brent Holland

Between Mars and Me by Rose Hellinger

Best Foot Forward by Lojo Simon & Brandon Scott Grayson

The Big Bad Bullysaurus by Tommy Jamerson

The Bird by Matt Buchanan

Blacktop Jungle by Jared Goudsmit

Blood Royal by Andrew Beattie

Blood, Sweat, and Cheers: A Comedy About Competitive Cheerleading by Kaci Beeler and Amy Gentry

The Boston Massacre by Ed Shockley

The Boys, The Bed, and The Balsa by Will Boersma

Boys Gone Mild by Steven Korbar

Boys vs. Girls Armageddon by Adam J. Goldberg

The Boy Who Cried Dragon by Inda Craig-Galvan

Brace Yourself by Keegon Schuett

Brats in Space by Stephen Flowers

Brave Little Tailor by Randy Wyatt

The Bread, the Bracelet and the Dove by Claudia Haas

The Bremen Town Black Cat Band by Paul Lewis

Brink Time by Rex McGregor

Brownies, Bicycles and Bigfoot by Callan Stout

Bullying, Ink.

Bully Issues by Arthur M. Jolly

The Butterfly: Legends from the Middle Kingdom by Ruth Cantrell

Bystander 9/11 - A Theatre Piece Concerning the Events of September 11, 2001 by Meron Langsner

Cake for the Queen by Robin Blasberg

Caliban's Island by Diana Burbano

Camp Monster by Sharyn Rothstein and Kris Kukul

Can i See some iGenderfication? by Jeff Goode

Can't Forget by Liz Shannon Miller

Carina Comes Out by Stephen Gregg

The Carol of Tiny Tim by Laura King

Carolina Dive by Neeley Gossett

The Case of the Missing Rooster by Anne Negri

The Catnapper Mystery by Isabella Russell-Ides

Cauldron Bubble by Brian Daly

Chairs by Scott Mullen

Challenge Accepted by Laura King

Charlie the No-Good, Really-Rotten, Cheat-A-Saurus Rex by Tommy Jamerson

Cheer Squad by Jeff Goode

The Cheshire Smile by Sara Glancy

Children of Hooverville by Hollie Michaels

A Chill in My Bones by Angela Cerrito

Chiraptophobia by Hannah Estelle Sears

Choose Your Own Oz by Tommy Jamerson

A Christmas Carol (full-length version) by Tom Smith and Roger Butterley

A Christmas Carol (one-act version) by Tom Smith and Roger Butterley

The Christmas Princess by Arthur M. Jolly

Chubby Bunny by Jonathan Josephson and Katy Muzikar

The Cinderella Chronicles by Susan M. Steadman

Cinderella: The Fairy Godmother's Tale by Louise Keeton

The Clarinet Section is Sick of Your Garbage by Megan Gogerty

Classics for Kids: Four Plays adapted from the books of Don Freeman by Wysteria Edwards

Clay by Carol S. Lashof

Clever Catherine by Rachel Bublitz

Clockwork by Kemuel DeMoville

Closeted by Jonathan Dorf

Clothes-Minded by Andrea Rassler

The Coloring Book by Bradley Walton

The Comedy of Terrible Errors (Large Cast) by Don Zolidis

The Comedy of Terrible Errors (Small Cast) by Don Zolidis

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen: Now New and Improved! by Hillary DePiano

Confessions of a Peanut Butter Addict by Allan Bates

The Cooking Gene by Jonathan Dorf

Corner Critics by Donna Latham

Count Spatula by Keegon Schuett

Cow by Scott Mullen

Cracked Sky by Jonathan Dorf

The Crackling Rainbow Comet by Laura King

Creature Features (Modern Day Mutants) by Christian Kiley

Crimes and Rhymes by James Grob

Crossing the Threshold by Maura Campbell

Cuentos de Josefina by Gregory Ramos

Cupid & Psyche: An Internet Love Story by Maria Hernandez, Emma Rosecan & Alexis Stickovitch

The Curse of the Mummy Hamster by Kemuel DeMoville

The Dance We Do by Anne G'Fellers-Mason

The Dancing Princesses by Gary L. Blackwood

Dancing With Myself by Leanne Griffin

Dandelion by Wysteria Edwards

A Dark and Stormy Knight by Kemuel DeMoville

The Day the Music Came Back by Alvaro Saar Rios

Dear Chuck (full-length version) by Jonathan Dorf

Dear Chuck (one-act version) by Jonathan Dorf

Delaware Mudtub and the Mighty Wampum by Greg Romero

Detention by Trevor Suthers

The Disappointments by Laura King

Disruption by Randy Wyatt

Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Massive? by Donna Latham

Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Massive? (Virtual Edition) by Donna Latham

Dodge by Ed Shockley

The Dodo Pact by Laura King

Double Heart (The Courtship of Beatrice and Benedick) by David Hansen

Dracula of Pennsylvania by Don Goodrum

DragonSlay by Robin Pond 

DragonzFire by Diana Burbano

Dream by Velina Hasu Houston

Dream House: A Rainy Day Play by Jeremy Gable

Escape from the Cybernet by Bryan Jager

Eight Minutes, Twenty Seconds by Brooklyn Durs

El Loro, El Gato Y El Espíritu Santo (or The Parrot, the Cat and the Holy Ghost) by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos

Elektra by Elizabeth Brendel Horn

The Elves by Rachel Bublitz

Enemy | Flint by Diana Burbano

Erasing The Brain by Nina Mansfield

ESL by Tom Smith by Emily Hageman

Everybody Comes to Tim's by Allison Williams

Everything you need to know about The Scarlet Letter in 10 minutes or less by Don Zolidis

The Exceptional Childhood Center by Dylan Schifrin

Exposure by Vishesh Abeyratne

Family Meeting by Don Zolidis

Fanny Otcott by Hal Corley

Fenced by Daniel Rashid

The Final Battle (As it Occurred in the Holy City of Game Emporium and Exchange) by Franky D. Gonzalez

First Dance by Nancy Brewka-Clark

Foam by Mike Rothschild

Follow That Funny

Forming Bonds by Ricky Young-Howze

For (Sandwich) Lovers Only by Owen Stone

Four Calls by Liz Shannon Miller

The Frankenstein Revenge Society by Dylan Schifrin

Frankie Gets it Right by Matt Buchanan

Friends by Karin Diann Williams

Frog Quixote by Steph DeFerie

From Shakespeare with Love? by Jonathan Dorf

Front Porch Steps by Bob Pritchard

Full Circle by Wendy-Marie Martin

Furry Tales by Joël Doty

Future You Says Hi by Scott Mullen

Game On by Neeley Gossett

Ghosted by Dylan Schifrin

The Ghost Moments by Randy Wyatt

The Ghosts of Pineville by Jeremy Kisling and Sara Turner

Girl Friend by Steve Lambert

A Girl of the Limberlost by Marie Kohler

The Girl Who Would Rather Not Grow Up Just Yet by Rex McGregor

Girls by Linda Kampley

Girls on the Brink by Rex McGregor

Goddess of Tears by Keegon Schuett

The Godot Variations by Meron Langsner

Goggles by Nicole B. Adkins

Golden Ladder by Donna Spector

Goldilocks in Nurseryland by Trevor Suthers

Goodbye Memories by Anita Yellin Simons

Goodbye, Room by Kenyon Brown

The Goodcheer Home for Broken Hearts by James Grob

Goodness Gracious by Henry W. Kimmel

Gorilla Ballerina by Lojo Simon

Gray Matters by Lucy Wang

Great Expectations by Nicole B. Adkins, Will Coleman, Anne G'Fellers-Mason, Laura King, Wendy-Marie Martin, Marshall N. Opie, Jeri Weiss and Ricky Young-Howze

Great Expectations by Rocco Natale

Great Expectations, or What I Did On My Summer Vacation by Jonathan Dorf

Greek Gods Under Quarantine by Dean O'Carroll

The Grippe of October by John P. McEneny

The Grippe of October (Competition Version) by John P. McEneny

Grow Up, Girls by Rex McGregor

Grow Up, Juliet by Rex McGregor

Guts by Dave Ulrich

Gwen and Mary at Glenn Ross by Robin Pond

The Hanging of the Greens by Claudia Haas

Hank & Gretchen by Stacy Davidowitz

Happy Happy Happy by Steve Lambert

Harley the Horse by Laura King

Harry's Hotter at Twilight by Jonathan Dorf

Hashtag Adorable by Samantha Macher

Heartland by Lojo Simon and Anita Yellin Simons 

Her Reign by Neeley Gossett

Herby Alice Counts Down To Yesterday by Nicole B. Adkins

Hero's Journey by Celeste Barnaby

Hero Zero by Lojo Simon

Hi, We Thought You Were Dead by Kenyon Brown

Hipster Van Winkle by Abigail Taylor-Samson

HKFN: The Abbreviated Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (one-act version) by Jeff Goode

HKFN: The Abbreviated Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (ten-minute version) by Jeff Goode

Holding by Nicole B. Adkins 

Honey's Smile by Robin Rice

Hook, Line and Sinker by Laura King

Hopefully: An Ethnodrama by Ashley P. DiLorenzo

How Blue is My Crocodile by Arthur M. Jolly

How Not to Do Your Homework by Arthur M. Jolly

How Penny Got Her Pep Back by Laura King

How the Elephant Got His Trunk by Cary Nothnagel

How to Get Famous in Theatre by Karin Diann Williams

I Know You Are But What Am I by Laura King

If At First You Don't Succeed by Wendy-Marie Martin

Imitate the Sun by Kate McGrath

I'm Totally Getting Sent to Bible Camp This Summer by Ricky Young-Howze

In the Village of the Brothers Grimm by Claudia Haas

Isle of Marvels by Randy Wyatt

It's Elementary!

It's Elementary, Too!

It's Raining Tamales by Kit Goldstein-Grant

Jack in the Box by Scott Mullen

Jamie's First Day by Joanne Greene

Jax-In-A-Box by Jeff Goode

Jennifer the Unspecial by Matthew Mezzacappa and Cynthia Chi Wing-Wong

Jill Trent Science Sleuth by Paul Lewis and Carissa Meisner Smit

Johnny and Sally Ann by Tom Smith

Juliet and Her Romeos by Trevor Suthers

The Jumping Giraffe of the Savannah by Jeffery S. Jenkins

The Jungle Book by Callan Stout

Kadija & Swann by Ed Shockley

[email protected] by Zachary Israel Nobile Kampler and Rocco Natale

The Kennel Club by David Muncaster

Key Change by Dylan Schifrin

Kid Turboni Brings the Rain by Mark J. Costello

Kim Arthur and the Nerds of the Round Table by Daniel Guyton

King's Gambit by Greg Machlin

Kitty Steals a Dog by Keegon Schuett

Know Your Role by Brandi Owensby

La Bella Cinderella by Claudia Haas

La Mancha! by Hayley Lawson-Smith

Larry of the Lake by Matt Buchanan

Last Right Before the Void by Jonathan Dorf

The Last Starfighter (family version) by Skip Kennon and Fred Landau

The Last Starlighter (full-length version) by Skip Kennon and Fred Landau

The Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons by Kemuel DeMoville

Le Goalie by Nelson Yu

A Legendary Christmas (one-act version) by David C. Field and Michael Silversher

A Legendary Christmas (musical version) by David C. Field and Michael Silversher

Les Examables by Don Zolidis

The Lesser of Two Weevils by Nicole B. Adkins

The Light Princess by Emily C.A. Snyder

Like A Knife by Michelle Tyrene Johnson

Like a Metaphor by Emily Cicchini

Linda by Diana Burbano

The Lion and the Boar by Mike Rothschild

The Lion & Mamma Mouse by Tommy Jamerson

Lipstick and Heroics by Evan Baughfman

Lit on Fire

Little Bunny Foo Foo by Stacey Lane 

Little Miss Dreamer (A Nite in the Life of Bessie Smith) by Ed Shockley

Little Women by Isabella Russell-Ides

Lockdown by Julia Edwards

The Locker Next 2 Mine by Jonathan Dorf

Log Off by Hayley Lawson-Smith

Long Joan Silver by Arthur M. Jolly

A Loser Like You by Julia Edwards

Love (Awkwardly) (full-length) by Maryann Carolan and John Rotondo

Love (Awkwardly) (one-act) by Maryann Carolan and John Rotondo

Love (Awkwardly) & (Virtually) (full-length) by Maryann Carolan and John Rotondo

The Lunch Labyrinth by Laura King

The Man Card by Emily Hageman

Manuelo, the Playing Mantis by Wysteria Edwards

Many Maids Made Me Murder (or maybe the butler did do it) by Kemuel DeMoville

Marvelous Tales by Laura Lewis-Barr

Masks by Hillary DePiano

Masks by Paul E. Doniger

The Mask on the Bench by Ramiz Monsef

Math-O-Freak by Nancy Brewka-Clark

The Matsuyama Mirror by Velina Hasu Houston

Math Problems by Annie Harrison Elliott

Me, My Selfie & I by Jonathan Dorf

Me, My Selfie & I  (Virtual Edition) by Jonathan Dorf

Medea by Elizabeth Brendel Horn

Medusa's Tale by Carol S. Lashof

Medusa's Tale (Radio Edition) by Carol S. Lashof

Meet Me at the Gates, Marcus James by Donna Hoke

Melodramatics by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus

A Memory to Forget by Franky D. Gonzalez

Merry Men by Kemuel DeMoville

Message to Grandma by Claudia Haas

Metalhead Thread by Elizabeth Wong

Mi Coche, Mi Quince by Susan Lieberman

Middle Schoolin' It by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus

The Milli Vanilli Orchestra by Ed Shockley

The Minotaur by Carol S. Lashof

Miracle in Mudville by D.W. Gregory

Mita, the Magnificent by Noelle Donfeld

Moby (No Last Name Given) by Arthur M. Jolly

Momo No Kawa by Shoshannah Boray

Mop Top by Wysteria Edwards

The Morgan Show by Laura King

Mortals by Benjamin Connor

Mortals (Virtual Edition) by Benjamin Connor

The Most Important Thing in the World by Shoshannah Boray 

The Mother Goose News Hour by Robin Blasberg

Mother's Day by Kate McGrath

Much, Much Later by Susan M. Steadman

Multicultural Education by Alan Haehnel

Murder by Midnight by Jeff Goode

Murder (Comedy) in Space! by Ed Shockley

Musical (Mis)Adventures of Goopy and Bagha by Daniel A. Kelin, II

My Big Adele Moment by Kenyon Brown

My Little Brother by Dan Berkowitz

The Mystic Tale of Aladdin by Randy Wyatt

My Very Own Polar Bear by Bill D'Agostino

Nana's Happy Happy Good News Only Birthday Video Chat by Hillary DePiano

Nessie and the Terrible Troll by Jean Lorrah & Lois June Wickstrom

A New Story from Rabbit and Frog by Randy Reinholz

Nice & Slow by Lojo Simon 

Ninja in Blue Jeans by Scott Mullen

A Ninth Time by Danny Rothschild

Nobody's Listening by Ed Shockley

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished by Cheryl Hadley

No Talking Allowed! by Rachel Bublitz

The Nose by Kitty Feld

Now You See Me by Jonathan Dorf

A Number of Secrets by Jeri Weiss

A Nutcracker Story by Emily C.A. Snyder

O Holy Nite by Samantha Macher 

Ocean Debris by Cassandra Hsiao

Odysseus Comes Home by Laura Lewis-Barr

Of Love and Shampoo by Jonathan Josephson

Of Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings by Greg Romero

The Old New Kid by Adam J. Goldberg

An Old-Fashioned Christmas by Barbara Lindsay

On a Scale of One to Ten by Trevor Suthers 

Once Upon A Pine (full-length version) by Tommy Jamerson

Once Upon A Pine (one-act version) by Tommy Jamerson

One Good Thing by Don Zolidis

One Last Trick by Anne G'Fellers-Mason

One Smart Pig by Matt Buchanan 

One Word Too Many by Joanne Greene

Oprah by Bob Kolsby

Options by Carol S. Lashof

Orni-what? by Nancy Brewka-Clark

The Other Side by Randy Wyatt

Our New Tradition by Hope Villanueva

Our Song by Forrest Musselman

Out Post by Nicole B. Adkins

Outside the Box by Bradley Hayward

Pepperoni Apocalypse by Jonathan Dorf

Perchance to Dream: A Sleeping Beauty's Faerie Tale by Randy Wyatt

Persephone Underground by Carol S. Lashof

Phantom by Leviticus Jelks III

Phantom Limb by Christopher Innvar

Pick Nick by Bradley Hayward

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin Town by Steph DeFerie

The Piggy Pit by Laura King

Piglet by Brian Armstrong

Piñata Utopia by Christian Kiley

The Pirates of Penzance by by Zachary Israel Nobile Kampler and Rocco Natale

Pitched by Elana Weiner-Kaplow

Platform Nine by Rebecca Moretti

Playing Games by Diana Burbano

Play's End by Jonathan Dorf

Please Say Yes: Short Plays About Promposing

Plum Luck by Lojo Simon

A Pocket for Corduroy by Wysteria Edwards

A Poodle More Beautiful by Stacey Lane

A Portal to Fairy Tale Kingdom by Anne Negri

Poster Children by Nathan Selinger

The Post Office by Melissa Leilani Larson

The Post Office (Competition Version) by Melissa Leilani Larson

Press by Lojo Simon

Pretty by Dan Berkowitz

Pride and Prejudice Abridged by Laura Pittenger

Prime by Ellen Margolis

The Prince and the Pauper by Andrew Beattie

Prince Ugly by Matt Buchanan

Princess Pigface by Tommy Jamerson

The Prom Dress by Kitty Dubin

Prom Ninja by Nicole B. Adkins

Proud Mary and Prejudiced Lydia by Rex McGregor

Pushed by Nicole B. Adkins, Jeff Goode, Adam Hahn, Samantha Macher, Greg Machlin, Wendy-Marie Martin, Liz Shannon Miller, Jonathan Price, Mike Rothschild, and Dave Ulrich

Puss N. Boots by Ruth Cantrell

Queen Zixi of Ix: Or the Story of the Magic Cloak by Jason Tremblay

The Race by Kemuel DeMoville

The Randomness of Bees by Lina Patel

Ranger by Nina Ki

The Raven and the Swan by Dave Ulrich

Reassembling Sasha by Patrick Gabridge

Red Onion, White Garlic by David Hansen

Refloat Our Whale by Rex McGregor

re'open our eyes by Matthew Paul Olmos

Rising by Arthur M. Jolly

Rising Sophomore by John Minigan

Robin Hood and the Heroes of Sherwood Forest by Randy Wyatt

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Ed Shockley

Romancing the Tombstone by Laura King

Romeo and Juliet Revised by Daniel Glenn

Rondo a la Bongo by Joe Zarrow

Room for Two by Jeri Weiss

Room Temperature by Ellen Margolis

Rules for Toasting Marshmallows by Laura King

Rumors of Polar Bears by Jonathan Dorf

Scareville by Julia Edwards

Scheme Space by Claudia Haas

screens by Jessica McGettrick

Seagull Invasion by Maura Campbell

The Secret Adversary by David Hansen

The Secret Garden by Isabella Russell-Ides

Secret Life Under the Stairs by Kris Knutsen

Seesaw by Rebecca Moretti

ShakeSPLOSION!!! by Andrew Geha

ShakeSPLOSION!!! (40-Minute Version) by Andrew Geha

ShakeSPLOSION!!! (60-Minute Version) by Andrew Geha

Shovels and Hacksaws by Jonathan Dorf

Sidekickin' It! by Adam J. Goldberg

The Silent Ones by Catherine Castellani

Silver Linings by Dan Berkowitz

Silver, from the Wind by Evan Guilford-Blake

Six of Beer by Adam Hahn

Slow by Keegon Schuett

Small Talk by Linda Kampley

Smart Kid by Meredith Dayna Levy

Smitten by Jeri Weiss

Snakes in a Lunchbox by Arthur M. Jolly

The Snow Queen by Ruth Cantrell

Speech & Debate by Will Coleman

Spinning by Nushin Arbabzadah

Spinning by Jonathan Dorf

Sprout Wants Out by Evan Baughfman

Stak by Stacy Tanner

The Stalking Horse by Ed Shockley

Standardized Testing by Matthew Onufrak

Stars (two females) by Evan Guilford-Blake

Stars (two males) by Evan Guilford-Blake

Stars (two males—Persian version) by Evan Guilford-Blake

Stegosaurus Walks Alone by Kemuel DeMoville

The Stonecutter by Ruth Cantrell

The Story Club by Nicole B. Adkins

Straight Eye for the Gay Guy by Jonathan Dorf

A Stranger on the Bus by Ed Shockley

The Student and the Mathematician by Adam Hahn

Sugar Horror by Rex McGregor

The Summoning Sky by Marshall N. Opie

Sunset Johnson by Ed Shockley

sunset on seb and hiro. by christopher oscar peña

The Superhero Ultraferno (full-length version) by Don Zolidis

The Superhero Ultraferno (one-act version) by Don Zolidis

Supermarket of Lost by Cassandra Hsiao

Super Sleuth Sam and the Shiny Bag Monster by Nicole B. Adkins

Sweet Dreams by Wendy-Marie Martin

Sweetheart by Danny Rothschild

Tag by Laura King

A Tale from the North Woods by Lynn-Steven Johanson

A Tale of Two Jacks by Shawn Peters

Tales of the Windship by Fengar Gael

Tantrum on the Tracks by Judy Freed and Marianne Kallen

A Taste of Oz by Robin Blasberg

The Tea Servant by Ed Shockley

Techies by Don Goodrum

Teen Mogul by Lucy Wang

Telling William Tell by Evan Guilford-Blake

There is No Down by Dylan Schifrin

There is No E in Ski by Catherine Castellani

Thinking Outside the (Litter) Box by Bradley Walton

A Thousand and One Nights of Reality Television by Lesley James

Three First Kisses by Tim Bohn

The Three Little PIgs and the Big Bad Storm by Hillary DePiano

Three Padded Walls by Hillary DePiano

Ticking by Jonathan Dorf

Tidal by Hope Villanueva

Time Warp by Karin Diann Williams

A Tiny Tern of the Whole Wide World by Kemuel DeMoville

The Totally Life Changing Letter That Doesn't Really Matter by Marisa Kanai

To the Rescue by Laura King

Totally Okay, Right Now by Madelyn Sergel

The Treasures of El Mundo by Ruth Cantrell

The Trestle by Patricia Lamkin

Twilight of the Grizzly by Rex McGregor

Twinkle Toes by Bradley Hayward

Two Dudes from Daytona by Matt Buchanan

Uncertainty Theory by Maura Campbell

The UnderGroundHog Railroad by Jeri Weiss

The Unscary Ghost by Matt Buchanan

Up A Tree by Nathaniel Kressen

The Very Bad Girls Scouts by John P. McEneny

A (Very Zombie) Christmas Carol (One-Act Version) by Steph DeFerie

Vital Organs by Jonathan Dorf

Waiting for the Bus by Benjamin Connor

War of the Buttons by Jonathan Dorf

The War on Little Women by Laura King

The Warrior's Belt by Samantha Macher

Warriors by Hayley Lawson-Smith

The Water Tower by Will Coleman

We Aren't Aliens by Rex McGregor

Welcome to the Neighborhood by Steven Stack

We're Alright by Jackie Martin

What a Day! by Sandy Asher

What Comes Around... by Tom Smith

What Happened at the Mud Puddle by Tara Meddaugh

What the Well Dressed Girl is Wearing by Arthur M. Jolly

The Wheels Go Round and Round by Spencer Robelen

Wherefore Art Thou...Todd by Steven Stack

The White Pages by Jonathan Dorf

White Roses and Gooseberries by B.J. Burton

Who Remembers Eponine's Sister? by Rex McGregor

Why Rabbit's Nose Twitches by Sandy Asher

The Wild and Wacky Rhyming Stories of Miss Henrietta Humpledowning by Tom Smith

The Wind in the Willows (musical version) by Diane Grant and Michael Reilly

The Wind in the Willows (one-act version) by Diane Grant

The Wise Peasant Girl by Donna Spector

Wax Fruit by Laura King

Wrong End of the Stick by Trevor Suthers

Wrong Number, Romeo! by Alex Rubin

Xtigone by Nambi E. Kelley

You Go, Goddess! by Tommy Jamerson

You're Next by Jonathan Dorf

Youth on the Outs(ide) by Laura King

Youth on the Roof by Laura King

The Zombie Effect by Kenyon Brown