A Legendary Christmas (one-act version)

by David C. Field and Michael Silversher

About the Play

Comedy. 55-65 minutes. 5 males, 3 females, 4 any gender. Suitable for high school and older performers, and elementary school and older audiences.  

The play, invited to the Sundance Children's Play Lab, premiered at Actor's Alley Rep (North Hollywood, CA).


Santa, deluged by toy requests now coming in by email, Twitter, fax, and every other method of electronic transmission, is overwhelmed by the technology and does the unthinkable: he quits. A mad, mischievous competition to fill the vacancy ensues between the Halloween Witch, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, Jack Frost, Delivery Stork and March Lion. And when the Witch, master of mischief, dupes the others into electing her, will there be any way to stop the Witch from taking over, or will Christmas as we know it be changed forever? Can anyone convince Santa of the mess that he's made and get him to grab the reins back before it's too late?

"A rollicking good time for young audiences, with a lesson in giving attached." - Los Angeles Times

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