A Tale from the North Woods

by Lynn-Steven Johanson

About the Play

Fairy Tale. 55-65 minutes. 7 females, 9 males 7+ any gender (17-40 performers possible). Suitable for elementary school and older.  

Winner of the East Valley Children's Theatre Playwriting Contest and Winner of an AriZoni Award for Theatre Excellence for Best Original Script and produced by the East Valley Children's Theatre (Mesa, AZ). An earlier version of the play was produced by the Regional Touring Theatre Company, Western Illinois University.


When a forest fire destroys their homes, a colony of gnomes are forced to settle in an area populated by trolls. An ancient tale has caused the two groups to view each other as enemies and led to years of intoleranceand when a gnome girl and a troll girl become friends, it suddenly puts them in the middle of this long-running feud. With the help of an elf wizard, can the two girls find a way to overcome obstacles to their friendship and prove that gnomes and trolls can live together in harmony?

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