A Tale of Two Jacks

by Shawn Peters

About the Play

Comedy. 50-60 minutes. 12 females, 3 males, 10-30+ any gender (25-50+ performers possible). Suitable for upper elementary and older performers, and elementary and middle school audiences.

A Tale of Two Jacks premiered at Miller Elementary School (Holliston, MA).


Meet Jack, an overworked boy toiling away in Gooseland. Meet Jack, an ignored girl living a dull existence in Fairytalia. When a beanstalk "accident" creates a bridge between their very different homelands, they seize the opportunity—to trade lives. At first, the swap gives them each a dash of what they've always wanted: she finds her voice in a realm full of rhyming characters, while he is finally able to chill and make friends in a realm of magic and morals. But when the leaders of these long-at-odds lands notice their citizens' behaviors changing, someone will have to take the fall...and it won't be Humpty Dumpty. Can the two Jacks work together to prevent a Fairy Tale vs. Nursery Rhyme battle royale and ensure a happily ever after...?

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