A Thousand and One Nights of Reality Television

by Lesley James

About the Play

Comedy. 60-70 minutes. 6-14 females, 5-11 males, 4-28+ any (15-50+ performers possible). Suitable for middle school performers, and general audiences. 

Premiered at Bellevue Big Picture School (Bellevue, WA).


Scheherazade has a lot on her plate. She oversees the production of hundreds of reality TV shows, and if she doesn't come up with a new one each and every night, the Sultan will have her head. Sure, everyone wants to keep up with Cinderella's step-family, Hansel and Gretel are in hot water on the cooking show, and the "bachelor" is all Beast, but what will Scheherazade have for the self-centered ruler tonight? With the Sultan on his way to the studio, will there be a job opening by morning? Or does the brave and clever producer have him right where she wants him in this fast-paced mash-up of fairy tales and reality television? Stay tuned...
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