Aesop and George

by Claudia Haas

About the Play

Comedy.  50-60 minutes (flexible). 8-18 females, 4-14 males (16-24 performers total). Suitable for middle school and older.

Premiered at Moonlit Wing Productions (Falls Church, VA).


Aesop–now a mere shadow of himself–wanders the world looking to see if his stories have made an impact over the centuries. When he takes refuge in an abandoned theater during a thunderstorm, he encounters George the ghost and his echoes, all that remain of the building's past performances. As the ghost and the storyteller square off, stories fly back and forth: Aesop's tales come thoughtfully with just a touch of silly, and George delivers his side of the argument with all the razzmatazz of show biz. But what is the value of a story? Is it there to entertain? To educate? Can it do both?

"Aesop & George was a great choice for our summer season. There were plenty of opportunities within the script for the children to shine, grow, and become comfortable on stage. We had many children at the beginning of the session whose parents expressed that they were very shy and may not want to try certain things. We assured them that we would not force the children to do anything that they felt uncomfortable with; however, we would always give them the opportunity to try everything, and in the end, because we made things fun and exciting, every child went on that stage and truly enjoyed the show. The aspect of the "echos" serving as the chorus helped less-experienced children with the process of the show and being on stage. The cast found the skits within the show, especially the "Game Show" scene, highly enjoyable and comedic. One could tell that they looked forward to those parts in the play during each run through. The kids truly enjoyed the show, they would often ask when rehearsal is happening instead of tech or theatre games. It was exciting to see the kids so motivated and committed to their production. Overall, Aesop & George was well enjoyed by both the cast and their supporters." - Moonlit Wing CreativeTeam

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