Aladdin! Choose Your Own Arabian Night (one-act version)

by Tommy Jamerson

About the Play

Comedy. 55-60 minutes. 4 females, 3 males, 5+ any gender (12-40+ performers possible). Suitable for middle school and older performers, and elementary school and older audiences.

This play is not yet published. However, a digital pre-publication manuscript available for purchase is coming soon, and the play is currently available for licensing.


What happens when you put a Choose Your Own Adventure twist on the classic story of Aladdin? The answer—a rollicking, rib-tickling good time that’s exactly what you’ve been wishing for! In this fast-paced retelling, audiences are granted the power to decide everything from Aladdin’s sidekick (who wants a monkey when you can have a velociraptor?) to the genie’s abode (lamps are soooo last century). Filled with adventure, loveable characters and a dad joke or two (hundred), Aladdin! Choose Your Own Arabian Night invites you to experience a whole new world in a whole new way!

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