All of Us: A Celebration of BIPOC Voices

by Diana Burbano, Velina Hasu Houston, Leviticus Jelks III, Michelle Tyrene Johnson, Ramiz Monsef, Matthew Paul Olmos, Lina Patel, christopher oscar peña, Randy Reinholz, Alvaro Saar Rios, Hope Villanueva and Elizabeth Wong

About the Play

Performable Collection of 12 plays. 8-15 minutes each. 5+ females, 2+ males (7-40+ performers possible, with many gender-flexible roles). Suitable for high school (or advanced middle school) and older performers, and middle school and older audiences.

The plays may be performed in any order (and with any titles left out). To perform any play in this collection individually, please visit its dedicated page.

Plays include The Day the Music Came Back by Alvaro Saar Rios; Linda by Diana Burbano; Phantom by Leviticus Jelks III, Anatomy by Hope Villanueva; The Mask on the Bench by Ramiz Monsef; Dream by Velina Hasu Houston; re'open our eyes by Matthew Paul Olmos; The Randomness of Bees by Lina Patel; A New Story from Rabbit and Frog by Randy Reinholz; Metalhead Thread by Elizabeth Wong; sunset on seb and hiro. by christopher oscar peña; and Like A Knife by Michelle Tyrene Johnson.

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Twelve exciting shorts come together in one performable collection to celebrate and amplify important, too-often-unheard voices. Whether it's gathering in secret to remember when music was allowed, dealing with the fallout from a viral video or meeting a friend who's been regenerated from their arm, teen actors will find a tremendous variety of meaty, challenging (and frequently gender-flexible) roles in these plays that offer a meaningful theatrical journey for, as the title has it, All of Us.