And We Will Share the Sky

by Donna Latham

About the Play

Dramedy. 50-60 minutes. 3-5+ females, 3-4+ males (6-8 performers possible, plus optional non-speaking roles). Suitable for middle school and older performers and audiences of all ages.

And We Will Share the Sky premiered at University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg, MO). Recipient of the National Theatre for Young Audiences Playwriting Award from the University of Central Missouri and a Kennedy Center regional finalist for the David Mark Cohen Playwriting Award.


Our story takes place long ago, when Brother Sun and Sister Moon still lived on land. They love each other dearly, but the siblings just can't live together. They are as different as, well, as day and night. Gadabout Sun shines a dazzling personality over endless friends. Contemplative Moon, an artist, finds inspiration within. The two struggle to live with their differences, until Sun's love for his watery new friend Marina changes everything. Inspired by traditional tales of Nigeria and Senegal, including "How the Sun and Moon Came to Be" and "How the Sun and the Moon Came to Live in the Sky."

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