Aurelia's Magic

by John Bolen

About the Play

Dramedy. 55-60 minutes. 2-3 females, 3-4 males (5-7 performers possible). Suitable for all ages.

Aurelia's Magic was first produced (under its original title, Dancing on a Grave) by the Vanguard Theatre (Fullerton, CA) and later at the Garden Grove Playhouse (Garden Grove, CA). Readers Theater Television produced Dancing on a Grave, and a radioplay adaptation was produced by Shoestring Radio Theatre and was broadcast on 111 other stations across the United States through the National Public Radio system.

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Young Aurelia, age 14, can't wait to be an adult. And then she comes upon Seavus, a fairy, who claims he can grant her wish. Soon, whenever life throws her difficulties, she wishes for time to race by—but is it the magic of Seavus that is making life speed by, or is Aurelia herself responsible? A play about looking forward—and learning to love right where you are.