Bath Time is Fun Time

by Arthur M. Jolly

About the Play

Comedy. 10 minutes. 4 any gender. Suitable for elementary school and older.

Premiered by Youth Education On Stage (Williston, ND), adult premiere by Gulfport Community Players (Gulfport, FL).

Bath Time is Fun Time is also available as part of And Hilarity Ensued (Pursued by a Bear), a collection that may be produced in any order (and with any plays left out).


A rubber duck, a toy submarine, a washcloth and a sponge face an existential crisis in the aftermath of a traumatic bath encounter with a little boy—so traumatic, in fact, that they've become afraid of the water. But why did Rubber Duckie float while the other three sank into the depths...? As dissension grows and accusations fly, will the group tear itself apart? And is Rubber Duckie happily floating above them all, or is he concealing a dark secret of his own?

"Bath Time is Fun Time by Arthur M. Jolly was a brilliant and hilarious look at life (and religion) from the perspective of bath toys." - John Barry, DC Theatre Scene (Washington DC).

"Even more impressive was Bath Time is Fun Time. Arthur M. Jolly's piece began as a seemingly one-dimensional skit about a Rubber Ducky, Sponge, Submarine and Washcloth traumatized by a small child...but quickly transformed into existential comedy and comic religious allegory. Kudos to DiGiulio and actors Gohel, Isenberg (a CP contributor), Dave Ranallo and Adam Kukic." - Bill O'Driscoll, Pittsburgh City Paper (Pittsburgh PA).

"This year the plays tend toward the comic, with even the serious telling its story through humor. Bath Time Is Fun Time, for instance, is a look at the lives of bath toys after the bath is over. Just why is it that the rubber duck floats and gets squeezed gently while the submarine is continually drowning and haunted by cries of 'aah-ooh-gah'? James Rice is the submarine in the short sketch. He plays the role straight in goggles and helmet as he and his tub buddies pursue a philosophical deconstruction of bath time. The laughs come from the audience." - John Farrell, Press Telegram News (Long Beach CA).

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