by Liz Lawson

About the Play

Comedy. 50-60 minutes. 3 females, 4-12 any gender (7-15 performers possible). Suitable for high school and older performers, elementary and older audiences.

Premiered by The Looking Glass Theatre (New York, NY).


Every legend has to start somewhere. Twelve-year-old Calamity Jane and her mother are on their way to California when they find themselves in the beleaguered town of Hoopersville. With all but a trio of townsfolk kidnapped by the hilariously hair-raising hoopsnakes, can Calamity Jane rally the remaining townspeople out of their hidey-holes to face the Hoopsnake Queen and rescue the populace? Or will they too end up as dinner-in-waiting? And most importantly, will there be pie?

"[Calamity] delivers the goods, and much more! ...with audience members big and small finding themselves having a rip-roaring time." - Karen Tortora-Lee, The Happiest Medium

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