El Loro, El Gato Y El Espí­ritu Santo (or The Parrot, the Cat and the Holy Ghost)

by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos

About the Play

Comedy. 8-10 minutes. 4 females. Suitable for high school and older.

El Loro, El Gato Y El Espí­ritu­ Santo (or The Parrot, the Cat and the Holy Ghost) is also available as part of And Hilarity Ensued (Pursued by a Bear), a collection that may be produced in any order (and with any plays left out).


The time: the present. The place: El Paso, Texas. The crime: the most unnatural murder of Lazarus, the elderly parrot who lives on the back porch of the even more elderly Doña Cuca, neighbor to three teenage sisters. The girls' suspicions immediately fall on Putsy the Cat, longtime member of their father's most wanted list, and now hiding out in a nearby tree. Massacring their pious neighbor's beloved pet is sure to send Putsy to a feline-sized electric chair. With Doña Cuca due home from Mass any minute, the sisters' only choice is to "stage" a natural death. Can the sisters pull it off, or have Putsy's proverbial nine lives run out?
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